Breast Reduction Surgery in Solihull 
What is it? 
This is a functional and aesthetic procedure whereby volume and weight of breast tissue is removed. Usually, the position of the nipple is raised to a more ‘youthful’ position. 
What are the benefits? 
Breast reduction surgery consistently ranks near the top of procedures that improve quality of life. Macromastia (large breast) can have significant physical and psychosocial effects including: 
back / shoulder pain 
Recurrent infection (intertrigo) usually under the breast 
‘Digging’ in of bra strap 
Improve self image 
Improve physical well being 
Improve posture 
What does it involve? 
The initial phase is ensuring there are no relevant medical problems of other abnormalities within the breast. Women aged 40 and over will be advised to have a mammogram (Breast x-ray) to ensure there are no pre-existing problems. 
The most important part of the pre-operative phase is to understand what impact this is having on one’s life so that expectations from surgery can be appropriately managed. 
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