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I first met Mr Basu in May 2018 after I had been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer which had also affected some of my lymph nodes, therefore requiring a mastectomy. At every stage of my treatment plan I have felt in safe, competent and caring hands. Mr Basu has always given me the strength I need (even when he has had to give me news I didn’t want) to move forward. Having the skills to give a prognosis with care and compassion without either raising false hopes or crushing someone’s future is a very particular skill and one which Mr Basu excels at. 
Mr Basu has been my lead professional for all the treatment I’ve received; operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and in time, reconstruction. Throughout this time I have remained strong and hopeful and I know that with Mr Basu, Dr Henderson and the multidisciplinary team alongside them I will continue to receive the best treatment available. 
My relationship with cancer has been a learning curve and there are certainly still the odd dark days. I would never say ‘I’m glad I got cancer because it’s taught me so much’ but in a way, it has done just that. My experience has taught me that the emotional side of a diagnosis, the recovery and the ongoing treatment can be just as tough as the immediate surgery itself. 
Having Mr Basu and his team beside me has enabled me and my family to get through a difficult phase and for me to continue to live my life with hope and positivity. And that is why I would wholeheartedly recommend the Birmingham Breast Group to anyone wishing to receive advice and treatment for any breast condition. 
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