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After having being knocked back for a breast reduction by Harley Street consultants because of a BMI of 30, I was more determined than ever to find a consultant who specialised in breast reduction surgery, but that also considered the medical elements and not just the cosmetic elements of wanting surgery. 
I carried out a lot of research into the procedure, the consultants and the hospitals near me in Birmingham and came across Mr Basu. I contacted his amazing secretary Liz, and within 2 days, I had a consultation booked. From the very moment that I met Mr Basu, I knew that I wanted him to carry out my surgery. The look and the cosmetic element of my chosen surgery was very important to him, but so was the medicine and science behind the procedure. He also stated that our consultation and chats were going to be the most important aspect of our interactions and believe me, Mr Basu was right. 
Mr Basu examined me and then sat me down to talk about the procedure, the risks and expectations on both parties. He was nothing but genuine and honest and bent over backwards to ensure that my expectations and requests were met. One thing that especially stuck out to me was Mr Basu’s response to my comment about me lifting my arms once I had my surgery. I had read many reviews about ladies saying they could not lift their arms after surgery and Mr Basu simply responded by saying “I would be very concerned if you could not lift your arm after surgery” – this gave me every reassurance that I needed. 
Due to a hectic work schedule, I needed to ideally have my breast reduction before my hectic schedule went nuts and between them, Liz and Mr Basu worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure that they could fit me in – it was approximately 2 weeks from my consultation to my surgery. Within these two weeks, Liz kept in constant contact with me to ensure that I was OK and to ensure that any queries and concerns I had were dealt with. 
On the day of the surgery, I met with Mr Basu and the medical team again – the BMI hospital in Edgbaston were also amazing – I was then ready to head off for surgery. A number of hours later, I was out of surgery and in recovery and the first thing I did was look down and I could not believe that it was me. I was also surprised at the pain. I thought I would be in a lot more pain than I was. My aftercare has also been amazing. I had a slight concern one week post op, and Liz arranged for me to see Mr Basu just to give me piece of mind. 
I could not recommend Mr Basu and his team enough. I am eternally grateful. 
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