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I first met Naren Basu January 2019 after been diagnosed from a mammogram Stage 2 breast cancer. At this point in my life, it felt surreal, and I would wake up from this nightmare. 
Naren portrayed such a kind and patient manner trying to put you at ease. He has a skill of delivering sensitive news in such a calm and caring manner whilst delivering all options available. He was also supported by a great team to try and make the whole process easier for both myself and the family. 
My operation was during COVID, so nobody allowed at the hospital, but extra support was given to offset any anxieties. It was a roller coaster journey but made more endurable due to the ongoing support of Naren and his team. 
After careful consideration I decided to go for genetic testing which Naren arranged. 
I recently underwent genetic testing with Naren to establish my probability of the cancer returning. This was so easy to do and covered by health care provider which involved a simple spit/test on saliva which is then sent off for testing. 
For me this was key to do this so I can take a more controlled view on my life and moreover on my daughters and family life. 
The results came back a few weeks later and now after receiving a negative result, I can breathe and take time to enjoy more peace of mind. 
Overall, I believe that the growth in genetic testing is a positive thing. It’s encouraging people to know more about their own DNA and it shows that people want to be proactive about their health. It also supports their families to also take control and explore options. 
I consider myself one of the fortunate ones to have gone through this roller coaster and come out the other end. I will forever be eternally grateful to Naren and his team. 
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