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In August 2019, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram which revealed a large tumour. The news came to all of us as a profound shock as my mum who is 61 years old had always been in good health and not been taking any other medications. As a family we decided to seek a second opinion regarding the diagnosis, the proposed treatment plan and generally find out what having treatment in the private sector could offer us. 
At this point, after doing our background research we decided to contact Mr Basu and arrange for an initial consultation with him, to consolidate our understanding of mums diagnosis, her treatment options and how private healthcare would work out if we chose to go down that route. Mr Basu explained everything to mum as regards to where she was with the type of breast cancer she had, what each stage meant and how it could be treated. 
However what mum remembers most is how Mr Basu, right at the onset gave her the reassurance that although the news came as a complete shock and fear of the ‘ C ‘ word; that treatment options were still there which made her feel confident about facing this illness with much greater courage, conviction and faith in her own beliefs. Throughout the consultation, Mr Basu was very professional, explaining every little detail about breast cancer in great depth but in very simple language and patiently waiting in between for all of us to barrage him with endless questions to allay our fears and concerns. He was impartial and did not try and influence our decision as to whether we remained in the NHS or go down the private route. For mum and all of us, this second opinion that we sought with Mr Basu was so invaluable. From that moment on, mum has tackled her illness with greater belief. 
Thank you so much Mr Basu. 
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