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Mastopexy is a ‘breast lift’ procedure. With time and having children, the breast tissue elasticity changes and the nipple position may drop (ptosis). If you are happy with the volume of your breast (cup size) we would discuss raising the position of the nipple by removing skin and tightening the breast. We may use the ‘anchor’ type of scar pattern and would discuss any potential wound complication factors. 
Most cases of ALCL develop approximately 8 years following a breast implant operation. The most common presentation is swelling in the breast with a subsequent finding of some fluid around the implant. It is necessary to investigate symptoms and rule out a diagnosis of ALCL. This may require a combination of scans (ultrasound and MRI) and checking the fluid or capsule for the marker CD30. If ALCL is suspected or confirmed, removal of the breast implant needs to be considered. 
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