Male Breast Surgery 
All males have breast tissue, the majority of which is located under the nipple. Swelling of a male’s breast tissue (gynaecomastia) can be a normal (physiological) phenomenon occurring during 3 phases of life: 
Senescence (older age) 
Causes of gynaecomastia: 
It is important to be assessed and a full history taken as some of the causes may be reversible without surgery. Alternatively, surgery may be unsuccessful if there is an undiagnosed medical problem. Known causes include: 
Liver problems 
Testicular cancer 
Treatments used in prostate cancer 
Hormone problems 
Disorder of the testes (males sex organ) 
What are the benefits? 
The surgery aims to flatten out the male chest and enhance the contours of the male breast. Breast swelling due to obesity and men with limited elasticity in their skin and not ideal candidates for this procedure. The main benefits and long lasting and include: 
Increased confidence 
Psychosocial benefits 
What does it involve? 
The initial phase is ensuring there are no relevant medical problems of other abnormalities within the breast. If a medical problem is suspected you may be recommended further investigations prior to considering surgery. 
The most important part of the pre-operative phase is to understand what impact this is having on one’s life so that expectations from surgery can be appropriately managed. 
What does surgery involve? 
The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic with usually an overnight stay. An incision is made under the nipple and the swollen breast tissue is removed. It may have a fatty component in which case some liposuction will also be performed. 
You will wake up in a supportive post-surgical vest It is pretty usual to be quite swollen for a period of time following surgery. 
What are the risks of male breast reduction surgery? 
Pain, infection and bleeding – are risks in any form of surgery 
Over or under correction – leaving some deformity 
Prominent scars (hypertrophic or keloid scar) 
Nipple – change in sensation, reduced erectile function 
Nipple loss – a rare complication due to reduced blood supply 
Breast asymmetry 
Clots in the legs and lungs = uncommon complication 
Stretched scars over time 
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