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The “One-stop” Service  
Rapid access service for any breast symptom. 
For women and men 
Check your breasts whatever your age.  
Breast cancer remains  
the most common cancer in the UK  
Feeling a lump, change in size or shape? 

Familial Breast Cancer and Genetic Testing 

Approximately 5-10% of all breast cancers have a familial component to it 

Male Breast Conditions 

The number of men choosing surgery as an option to correct Gynaecomastia is on the increase. 

Breast Reduction Surgery 

Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain 
Mr Basu treated me at the Priory Hospital. Following my breast cancer I am very happy firstly with the success of the surgery, but also with the cosmetic result 

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer? 

Naren Basu, Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgeons working hereat the Priory Hospital in Birmingham.  
Some of the symptoms of breast cancer are noticing a lump in the breast, change to the contour of the breast or the skin. Sometimes the skin can take on the appearance of an orange peel. 
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