My decision to have breast reduction was a relatively easy one. I had been planning this for the last 19 years since my twins were born. Feeling rather low and dealing with the constant backaches, shoulder digs, the shape, size and low esteem and confidence, I made the decision to find and contact a surgeon who specialised in the procedure of Breast Reduction. Word of mouth is a good place to start, but I contacted my GP who gave me a shortlist of Surgeons to consider. I went away and googled the names. As I searched, there were lots of questions in my head. Level of care, what if I’m not happy with the result? Risks? Complications? Infections? Bleeding? Scars? Loss of nipple sensation? The list was endless. After a lot of research, I came across Dr Naren Basu, who specialised in Breast Reduction and breast related problems. 
I booked an appointment with Dr Basu. He took the time to explain everything to me, explaining how the procedure is carried out, how long it would take, potential risks, complications, pain relief. He asked what my expectations were and what I wanted to achieve. He also explained how the procedure is done, moving the nipple to a new position, opting for the anchor technique by removing the excess tissue and reshaping the breasts to a more ‘youthful’ position which would suit my body frame. 
Dr Basu asked me to take a few days to consider. He didn’t pressurize me. I felt very comfortable to be able to talk to someone who knew what I was feeling. It didn’t take me long to decide. I booked my next consultation with Dr Basu. 
I was asked to go and have my pre-op bloods done and have a mammogram as the previous one was nearly 2 years ago. The nurse went through my medical history Dr Basu listens to his patients and is happy to answer any questions and is easily approachable. This is a ‘must’ if you are going to put your trust in your Doctor. 
On the day of the Surgery, I checked into the Priory. The nurses came in to my room and give me compression stockings to wear and got me ready for my Surgery. I met the anaesthetist who introduced himself, then Dr Basu came in and marked me up for the Op and took pre-op photos. I was so excited. I walked down to the theatre where I was met by the Team. I was reassured all the time. Surgery was about 4 hours. 
When I woke, I was in the recovery room. I remember the nurse constantly monitoring me. The anaesthetist came to check on me and so did Dr Basu. He said the surgery went well. I was feeling drowsy and woozy from the painkillers and was all bandaged up with the dressings. 
I was taken back to my room about an hour later, Where I was so grateful for a cup of tea. I just lay propped up in my bed thankful that it was all done. Now it was time for recovery. 
I was all bandaged up, feeling very swollen, tender, lumpy but it was to be expected. The nurses looked after me so well and were prompt when I required any pain killers. I think Dr Basu is a perfectionist. He came to see me again and check on my progress. I spent the night at the hospital as this is recommended when you have had a general anaesthetic. It is also advisable to have someone to care for you for the following 48 hours once home. As I was not mobile for a while after I had the op, I had these funny electric compression blood pressure balloon things on my legs, which constantly tightened and released to keep my blood flowing. Understandable. 
The day after the surgery, I managed to get up, go to the bathroom, have a little wash and get changed. I even managed to don a little make up as it was a confidence boost. Before I left the hospital (a little over 24 hours) I was given medication and contact no’s and medical advice. I had a soft cushion which I used on the way home in the car to use as padding between the seatbelt and myself. 
Week one - Back home it was all about taking the pain killers (as and when required), trying to find a comfortable position to rest/sleep, keeping hydrated and eating small regular meals. There is no real pressure to get up and about. The first week is about dealing with the woozy after effects of the general anaesthetic, getting your head around the op and the unbearable pain of your bandaged chest. Another issue to deal with is constipation. This is urrgggghh. Nightmare. Best to get some sort of laxatives. 
Week two – went back to see Dr Basu in the clinic where he removed some bandaging. A lot of sticky surgical tape and visible bruising, swelling with meshed gauze over the areola where it has been repositioned, down each boob and under the curve of each boob. A lot of sticky surgical tape which takes forever to remove, but its best to keep all these areas dry as it helps with the healing process. 
Sleeping on your back is advisable for the first few weeks propped up with pillows, on sides and back as its very difficult to move. Wedging yourself in a good sleeping position finally allowed me to get some well deserved sleep. 
Wearing a good post surgery non wired bra is a must. Wear as soon as surgery is over. Start off with a sports bra which is tight and fitted, even a soft cup one will do which is fitted and supportive. Front fastening are ideal as its easier to remove and wont irritate the stitches. 
Its been 4 weeks now since my surgery in October 2018. I am so happy with the results so far. Of course, I am still experiencing the pain, 
Hardly any back pain. I feel so confident. The remaining bandages have been removed. The scars are so neat. All in all, I know that my breast reduction surgery was the best decision I have taken. I weighed up all the pros and cons, I can’t believe I’ve gone from a J cup to a DD cup. In proportion to my body, my boobs look fantastic. Obviously, there is still a lot of swelling but this will go down over the next 6-12 months I presume. 
Anyone contemplating this surgery, you will not regret it. Yes, you will be left with scars but they will a part of the ‘new’ You. The process may be scary but I don’t regret it for one second. 
Words cannot express how I feel. The experience has been life changing and I cannot recommend Dr Basu enough. He is caring, understanding and works magic. 
I cannot thank him and his team enough for everything they have done for me. 
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