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There are essentially five treatments for breast cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, antihormonal therapy and Herceptin or anti-HER2 therapy. The type of treatments and the sequence will be very much determined by the type of breast cancer. 
For breast surgery it's a consideration as to are we offering this individual a lumpectomy, what we call breast conserving surgery, or a mastectomy which is removal of the breast tissue. 
At the Priory we're very privileged to have full access to the full range of breast cancer surgery, whether that's a lumpectomy and reshaping the breast with oncoplastic techniques or a mastectomy which is removal of the breast tissue with a reconstruction using an implant or one's own tissue. 
It's all very individualised and patient-driven so we would make a recommendation but always listen to what the individual's preferences are. If you have noticed any changes to the breast or have any breast cancer concerns please see a healthcare professional or come and see our multidisciplinary breast team at the Priory Hospital in Birmingham, Spire Parkway and Spire Little Aston. 
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